November 29, 2023

About Riseofwords

Person :- While I’m scrolling on the internet. Your website has been viewed. When I opened the website, there were many different articles. So I don’t really understand what your website is about.
Blogger :- our website is news, genral knowledge and in general whatever happening in the world. Whatever is going to happen. or has happened. We are trying to explain the subject in very simple language by studying it properly and analyzing it.
Person :- Subject, I mean exactly which one?
Blogger :- Look, new things are emerging in politics, science and technology, research, health, philosophy. And we are trying to make these things reach people.
Person :- Ok, but the question that is on everyone’s mind is to ask. may I ask.
Blogger :- Why not, Yes ask.
Person :- What exactly is your purpose for creating this website?
Blogger :- Nowadays only some youth and some advanced countries are aware of many things happening in the world. And this information should reach those underdeveloped countries and the needy people there as well as today’s youth. And through this we are trying to make this website in debate form so that the questions of the people there are resolved. And there is no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings through this website.

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Let's Discuss

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy[/] for more info.